Project Description

A scenic 1 hour drive brings you to the Husky Farm where you will first meet owners & trainers. After a safety briefing you get to meet the dogs. This is your chance to make friends with them and to get a better understanding of how they operate as part of a seamless team when out in the wilderness! Sometimes there will be the opportunity to feed the dogs too.

Then it’s time to go sledding! In the snowy season (normally October-March) you will travel along the foot of the mountains through stunning scenery. The journey lasts about 30-40 minutes and there will be plenty of opportunities to take photos and video on your camera.

There are other options other than sledding. If there isn’t enough snow and the ground conditions are not suitable for the dogs or sled then there is also an all-seasons off-road cart that the dogs love to pull too! They will even pull you along on kick-bikes if you want!

If you have any enquiries regarding this activity the please contact us here.


  • Small group tour (max 8 people)

  • Experienced guides

  • Optional lunch provided.

  • Children under 12 can sit on an adults’ lap whilst sledding.

  • In case of the wrong surface conditions there are also wheeled sleds that you can ride so activity is not snow dependent.

  • Optional wood-fired hot tub.

  • Duration approx. 3-4 hours