Our family is quite unusual in that we are not afraid of a bit of adventure. If that means scouring the four corners of the earth looking for it then we will. It seems that our journey around Lapland during the recent solar maximum in 2013/14 caused quite a lot of people to be interested in us and to want to know a little but more about our plans.

Below you will find details of press and TV articles about our travels and about what we do now on our Northern Lights Holidays

PBS & BBC Forces of Nature

In February 2015 a BBC film crew spent a week with us chasing the Northern Lights for a multi-title co-production among PBS, BBC and BBC Worldwide North America: Forces of Nature with Brian Cox.

This was broadcast in July 2016 on UK channel BBC1. Following this the series was broadcast on Australia’s ABC channel and in the rest of Europe. It broadcast on US channel PBS in September 2016, our episode is showing on September 28th 2016 at 7pm/8pm. Full details of the broadcast of our Northern Lights adventure in Forces of Nature on PBS  can be viewed here.

BBC Forces of Nature book and Kindle edition on Amazon is also available in print form and Kindle edition on Amazon.

There is also YouTube promotion (UK only) of the BBC Forces of Nature trailer below.



The Guardian

2013_12_20_theguardian_article_websiteBefore leaving the UK in December 2013 Becki wrote an article for the Guardian newspaper which featured in their pre-Christmas edition in the travel section.

It was an exciting time if not a little unfortunate with the timing that she had to write it and submit it only days before we left, when there was a gazillion other things to sort out.

Still, in it went and Becki got full credit as the author. It was published around about the same time we crossed the Finnish border and it gained us a lot of interest both in the UK and Norway.

You can read the full Guardian article here


The Guardian

Northern Lights Holidays in The GuardianAn article covering Northern Lights holidays across Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland & North America.

Our Northern Lights tours in the heart of the aurora zone get a special mention in the Norway section.

You can read the Guardian article here




Space.com asked to use our photo from the big geomagnetic storm on the night of 26th October 2016.

It was an epic night!

Read the article on space.com here


Visit Norway


View our entry on the Visit Norway website here.

We are very proud to be featured on Visit Norway, the national tourism website, which is managed by Innovation Norway and commissioned by Norway’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.


Visit Vesterålen


Our entry in the local region tourism website. Visit Vesterålen covers some absolutely amazing places to visit all year round and we are very proud to be featured in their Northern Lights tour pages.

View our entry on the Visit Vesterålen website here.


2014_01_05_nordlys_interview_video_article_websiteAnother local paper Nordlys (meaning Northern Lights in Norwegian funnily enough) did an article on us and also a video interview. At that point we hadn’t really gone much further than Tromsø and had only seen the lights a few times. We got quite a few waves from other drivers and people approaching us to see how we all were. The Norwegian people are really the friendliest people.

You can read the Nordlys article about our big trip to Arctic Norway here



2014_01_05_itromso_interview_video_article_websiteOnce in Tromsø we were interviewed by i Tromsø a newspaper covering the surrounding area of Troms. They took some photographs of us in CLONA (she has Aurora Addicts on the side so we are quite easy to spot) and we found people we didn’t know coming up to ask how our journey was going.

You can read the iTromsø article here


George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

Aurora Addicts on CBC George StroumboulopoulosGeorge Stroumboulopoulos – a Canadian TV presenter with a very difficult name to spell and to read – approached us and asked if he could use some of our pictures and mention us on his George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight website. We would have loved to pop over for a visit but it’s a little out off our planned route….Maybe one day we can make it over your side of the pond. Alaska and Canada are most definitely on our bucket lists.

You can read article about the Northern Lights on the the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight website here



spaceweather.com front pageThe Aurora Addicts favourite website www.spaceweather.com featured one of our northern lights photos on their homepage after we witnessed an amazing geomagnetic storm near the Norway/Sweden border.

You can view it in the spaceweather.com archives here.


Framtid i Nord

2014_02_13_framtid_i_nord_article_websiteAn interview with us about our big trip to Arctic Norway with Framtid i Nord  – a newspaper that covers the Nordreisa region.

You can read the Framtid article here


Breakthru Radio BTRToday

Northern Lights interview on Breakthru Radio BTR TodayDecember 2014 Radio & website interview with Breakthru Radio
Read the article on BTRToday here.


British Airways Highlife in-flight magazine

TravelTalk Magazine, Australia

Australia's TravelTalk Magazine feature Aurora Addicts in their top 5 new ways to experience the Northern AuroraRead the article on Australia’s TravelTalk Magazine website here where TravelTalk they feature Aurora Addicts in their top 5 new ways to experience the Northern Aurora.


BBC News in pictures

Aurora Addicts on BBC News in PicturesOne of our photographs of a rare blue moon event in the UK was shared on the BBC News in Pictures pages.


Readers Digest

Readers Digest mention Aurora Addict's 'Geeky' Northern Lights holidaysOur ‘geeky’ tours were mentioned on the Readers Digest website


Foto Kriastiansen blog

Aurora Addicts Husky partners

Husky Andøy - Aurora Addicts Husky Sledding partnersAn interview with our friends at Husky Andøy who we bring our guests to on a lot of our winter holiday packages.


Bladet Vesteralen - BBC filming interview

BBC Forces of Nature filming in Vesterålen with Aurora AddictsAn interview with Aurora Addicts and the visiting BBC film crew, filming for the 2016 BBC science series Forces of Nature with Professor Brian Cox.


Nordlys newspaper and TV interview

Nordlys regional newspapers interview Aurora Addicts in TromsøAn interview with Aurora Addicts by the regional newspaper nordlys made shortly after our arrival in Tromsø in January 2014.


iTromsø newspaper and TV interview

iTromsø interview Aurora Addicts in TromsøAn interview with Aurora Addicts by the main Tromsø newspaper iTromsø made shortly after our arrival in Tromsø in January 2014.


Bladet Vesteralen

An interview with the Aurora Addicts children at school in NorwayAn interview with Aurora & Oceanna at their new school shortly after we arrived in Norway to live for the Aurora season.


BTR Today Podcasts

An interview with Becki & Chris by this popular podcast/news/blog website.