Welcome to the best place to see the Northern Lights!

Join one of our Northern Lights holidays in one of the most beautiful parts of Norway. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Arctic landscapes, snow-topped mountains, acres of trees and stunning fjords and lakes.

Deep inside the Arctic Circle – south of the increasingly busy and light polluted Tromsø – we are centrally located near the town of Sortland in the unspoilt fjords between the famous Lofoten Islands and Andøya. This location gives us a distinct advantage in being able to access many different locations and scenery in a short amount of time. This is a big bonus for Aurora Chasers; being able to access the coast as well as inland locations gives us the upper hand against constantly changing weather conditions.

Included in our Northern Lights holidays are visits to locations in and around the areas of The Lofoten Islands, Andenes, Sortland, Melbu, Storkmarknes, Harstad, Lødingen, Kvaefjord, Gullesfjord, Nyksund and Bø.

As part of our Northern Lights holidays packages we include daytime trips to many of these locations to experience activities such as whale watching, Sami cultural experiences, meeting and feeding reindeer, husky dog sledding, skiing, horse riding and many more.

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The weather in our local area can be very changeable and most visitors are surprised that it is not a lot colder. We benefit from the tail end of the Gulf Stream here so the temperature is much milder than the equivalent latitude in other parts of the world.

For further information please visit Norway’s most popular weather website YR.no which is a joint online service provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

Weather statistics for Sortland, Norway

The black line shows mean value (both precipitation and temperature). Some stations does not have mean values, and hence no black line.The red/blue line shows average temperature during the day (24h) (equalized for 30 days). The line is red by pluss degrees, and blue by minus degrees.

The red/blue areas shows the temperature variations throughout the day (24h) with max- and min. temperature as endpoints. The area is red by pluss degrees, and blue by minus degrees.

The lightblue bars shows total precipitation this month. The black lines crossing is the normal (mean) value for precipitation.

The dark grey bars behind the precipitation bars shows snowdepth measured day by day.

Some stations only measures precipitation, while others only measures temperature. If an area or bar is missing the station does not measure this data.

NB! Precipitation is measured at 07 hours Norwegian time. The value (in mm) shows last 24 hours until 07 hours (08 hours summertime). Download other weather statistics from eklima.met.no.

Here is a table showing the normal, warmest and coldest temperatures recorded last season.

MonthNormal ºC/ºFWarmest ºC/ºFColdest ºC/ºF
Sep8.3 | 4718.6 | 653.4 | 38
Oct4.5 | 4012.0 | 54-0.5 | 31
Nov0.8 | 339.5 | 49-6.5 | 20
Dec-1.4 | 2910.4 | 51-7.0 | 19
Jan-2.3 | 289.0 | 48-13.0 | 9
Feb-2.1 | 288.3 | 47-11.1 | 12
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