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Frequently Asked Questions2019-07-12T19:20:55+00:00

Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions and answers. If your question isn’t here then please chat with us via the chat box down the bottom right or send us a message here.

Which airport do I need to fly to?2017-05-11T11:09:57+00:00

Our local airport is Harstad/Narvik. The airport code is EVE.

Does it get really cold, icy and snowy there?2015-07-16T15:27:51+00:00

You’d be surprised! It doesn’t get as cold as people think when they hear the words “Arctic Circle”! Temperatures on the darkest winter days and nights wouldn’t normally dip below -8ºC. Last season the coldest temperature measured in Sortland was -10.3ºC.

The Aurora Season spans from Autumn through to early Spring so temperatures will vary depending on when you visit. If you want lots of snow then you need to aim for mid-November through til late February, either side of those dates there is less and less snow.

Here is a useful page which shows you the weather statistics for Sortland from the past year on the website.

How can I pay securely?2015-07-16T14:58:24+00:00

You can pay for our tours using all major credit and debit cards securely on our website via our SagePay payment system. If you prefer to pay over the phone you can call us on 0044 1273 78 20 83. Single night aurora chases can also be paid for on the night via our mobile payment facilities.

Is my payment protected when I book my trip?2015-07-16T14:54:04+00:00

We (Aurora Addicts Limited) are a registered member of Protected Travel Services (badge number: AA 5098). When we take payment for package tours the funds are held in a Protected Travel Services secure trust account which remains there until you return from your trip. This is a legal requirement of any tour operator selling ‘packages’ under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 (based on EU legislation).

If you require further information please contact us or visit the Consumer Protection page on the Protected Travel Services website.

Why don’t you include flights in your package tours?2015-07-16T14:51:04+00:00

Our guests travel from all over the world and a lot of them travel to other places before and after their time with us. We therefore decided that we would offer details of internal Norwegian flights and guests can plan their continuing journey around those flights. We are always happy to help out with planning this, just drop us a message via the chat box down the bottom right or contact us here.

What drinks/snacks do you serve during tours?2015-07-16T14:41:29+00:00

One of the best activities we enjoy as a family while waiting for the Northern Lights is having a camp fire. This then usually leads to a cheeky marshmallow or sausage needing a quick roast on the open flames. For us this has now become part of the whole experience.

So, where appropriate we will always try to have a camp fire lit. We’re not talking about a bonfire – darkness is very important for viewing auroras – more somewhere to gather, chat, keep warm and enjoy a roasted grillpolser (sausage) or marshmallow s’mores. We have extendable toasting forks for your use and seating mats to keep bottoms (young or old) warm. For those with children this can prove a really sparkly experience under a starry, clear Arctic sky and one that will stay with you and them forever.

If The Tricky Lady decides to put in an appearance then the moment will become just magical for all our guests.

We’re not talking 5* food and dining here but if the lights are out we can assure 5* atmosphere.

What camera equipment do I need?2015-07-16T14:40:41+00:00

We can provide more advice if you have any specific questions but as a rough guide here is what we recommend:

Basic requirements

  • A digital camera with manual control (that’s control of shutter speed, aperture and ISO)
  • A tripod
  • Spare batteries (they don’t last as long in the cold!)
  • Spare memory cards
  • A headtorch

Ideal requirements

  • A digital SLR camera
  • A sturdy tripod able to withstand the wind trying to blow it over!
  • A ‘fast’ and ‘wide’ lens, preferably f2.8 aperture or more and 30mm or less
  • Spare batteries
  • A headtorch
  • Spare memory cards
  • A cable release/remote
What clothing do I need?2019-07-12T19:20:58+00:00

When we first arrived in the Arctic many years ago with our then 2 children we were pretty clueless as to what to wear. The main problem for us was a trip to Millets did not give us the information we needed to effectively keep warm. They sold us polyester and nylon base layers which make you sweat. Once wet you get cold and once you’re feeling the cold there is a definite limit to how long you will want to stay outside. The great news is that if you follow 3 basic layer rules then you will remain toasty warm well into the minus temperatures. It doesn’t need to be difficult and you don’t need to feel cold.

So what is this secret method to not turning blue….? Sheep…. That’s it! Have a read of our Guide on What to Wear

Where do the tours travel to?2015-07-16T14:37:09+00:00

Here on the border of Vesterålen and Lofoten we are ideally placed to travel in 3 directions.

Beautiful Lofoten is less than an hour’s drive south from us and offers some spectacular views.

Andøya is directly north and boast some of the best views of Senja and the Norwegian Sea.

Hinnøya and Narvik are to the east towards the Swedish border with the lofty mountains of the Troms/Nordland border as an impressive backdrop. If the clear skies don’t remain above us we are centrally placed to get to all locations as quickly as possible.

Why do we need to be mobile to see an aurora?2015-07-16T14:27:40+00:00

Unless you have booked to stay up a mountain and you can guarantee clear skies at the same time then it is very probable you will need to get away from city lights and surrounding houses to see an aurora properly.

That means you will need to be prepared to travel.

As true Aurora Addicts we are always prepared to go great distances if the weather and skies dictate.

Where can we stay?2015-07-16T14:26:01+00:00

We work with various local hotels and cabins who can provide a discounted rate on accommodation. If you are not booking one of our package tours with accommodation included then there are still plenty options available to you depending on your requirements and budget. Please ask for more information by using the green chat box (bottom right) or sending us a message here.

I just want to come on a Northern Lights tour. How do I get to you?2019-07-12T19:20:59+00:00

Our nearest large airport is Evenes (Harstad/Narvik Airport – airport code EVE) and there are several flights per day arriving from Oslo. The two main airlines that services this route are Norwegian and S.A.S.

For UK visitors flights can be booked departing from Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Newcastle, all via Oslo. Prices are quite varied. The best thing to do is to take a look at both airline websites which provide a ‘price calendar’ booking system so that you can see all available dates and prices.

Visit Norwegian at and S.A.S. at

If you would like us to advise you on the best flight times etc. then please just contact us using the enquiry form here.

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