Special prices on our Autumn 2019 Northern Lights Holidays!

Are you looking for a trip to see the Northern Lights in September, October or November? Turn up your sound and click play on the video on the right to see what we get up to on our Autumn trips! 

Autumn is a beautiful time of year here just inside the Arctic Circle. Temperatures are milder thanks to the gulf stream, there is no snow or ice and the northern lights can produce some spectacular displays anytime from early September! For more details on our location and why it is such an amazing place to see the Northern Lights you might like to read this page.



Everybody on our tour was individually catered for, we were all made to feel special and we ALL had a trip of a lifetime

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Claire C, December 2015

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience of Northern Norway and the Northern Lights for us and our 3 children age 14, 12 and 8

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Andrew W, October 2015

Their passion for what they do is infectious. Families of all ages and smaller groups will find their guided immersion into the fun and awe of Norway so much more rewarding than DIY or larger scale operations.

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Simon H, October 2016

This trip exceeded all my expectations!!… I highly recommend Aurora Addicts!!!

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Andy G, February 2017
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