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Our Location and Tour Itinerary

Join us in the Arctic Circle and take in the snow-topped mountains, acres of trees and stunning fjords and lakes. At night you can chase the Northern Lights with us in the most beautiful part of Norway.

We are centrally located between the famous Lofoten Islands and Andøya. This gives us a distinct advantage in being able to access many different locations and scenery in a short amount of time. This is a big bonus for Aurora Chasers; being able to access the coast as well as inland locations gives us the upper hand against constantly changing weather conditions.


Our itinerary for this 7 night stay consists of:-

You will be staying in a self-catering house overlooking the fjord. We provide breakfast ingredients for your first morning then take you to the local reasonably priced supermarket to stock up.



Child under 16


Self catering staying in a private house.

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Flight Information

All flights to our local airport Harstad/Narvik (EVE) are via Oslo (OSL). The airlines have not yet released details and prices for these flights but should do so in early 2017.

Coming from the UK?

Click on the departure point below to view current flight details & prices. If you fly from airports other than these then please note that collection and drop off at Harstad/Narvik is based around the arrival and departure times outlined below. If you wish to arrive or depart on a different flight then please contact us to arrange alternative airport transfers.

Below are a choice of flights between Oslo and Harstad/Narvik that you will need to be on. These flights have not yet been made available but should be bookable early 2017.

Arriving at Harstad/Narvik (EVE) from Oslo (OSL) 22 October 2017
SAS SK4088Departs OSL: 13:00Arrives EVE: 14:35View prices
SAS SK4094Departs OSL: 15:55Arrives EVE: 17:30View prices
Norwegian DY366Departs OSL: 17:55Arrives EVE: 19:35View prices
SAS SK4098Departs OSL: 20:25Arrives EVE: 22:00View prices
Norwegian DY368Departs OSL: 20:50Arrives EVE: 22:30View prices
Departing Harstad/Narvik (EVE) flying to Oslo (OSL) 29 October 2017
SAS SK4087Departs EVE: 13:30Arrives OSL: 15:10View prices
Norwegian DY363Departs OSL: 15:40Arrives EVE: 17:25View prices
SAS SK4095Departs EVE: 17:55Arrives OSL: 19:40View prices

Please contact us directly via email, chat or phone to discuss other UK & Ireland flight options.

Coming from the elsewhere?

You will need to find your own flight to Oslo (OSL). Click on the 2 airlines below to link directly to flight details & prices from Oslo – Harstad/Narvik


Other departure points can be viewed on our FAQ page here.

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