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We are a family of 6 Aurora Addicts who live for the Aurora Borealis, one of our planet’s most sensational forces of nature. We are Aurora (13), Oceanna (10), Lyrica (6), Caspian (4) and parents Chris and Becki.

Over the last 10 years we have travelled to see the Northern Lights in Norway, Iceland, Finland and Sweden. The recent increase in solar activity (solar maximum)  forced us to take or holiday habits one step beyond! In December 2013 we travelled from our UK home to the Arctic Circle, where we spent 5 months exploring Lapland and chasing the Northern Lights with our 7m long motorhome CLONA. We then continued our journey south into the rest of Europe where we spent the rest of the Summer.

After such an amazing experience we decided to relocate to Norway to spend ‘just one more season’ living in what we chose to be the best place to see the Northern Lights. With our extended travel plans came lots of family and friends wanting to come and visit. If they could catch a glimpse of the elusive Tricky Lady then all the better. As friends came to stay and we took them out to our favourite Aurora spots, more and more people were suggesting we started running our own Northern Lights holiday tours as a business… and so a tiny seed grew.

And grew.

Until here we are now offering an Northern Lights holidays at a budget price. So whether you are a family of 6, a couple, a photography group or a lone traveller with a bucket list wanting to realise your dream of seeing the Northern Lights then you may have just found your ideal place to make it a reality. For more information on our tours visit our Northern Lights Holidays section or contact us here with your query.

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Becki & Chris
Chris, and Becki, both around the forty mark. The less said about age the better because inside we still feel 21 and try to regularly act it too!

In 2006 we encountered our first aurora in Iceland. After many nights being frustrated watching green-tinged cloud we all became mesmerized as it finally cleared and a magical luminosity filled the sky. Slowly we witnessed an incredible energy and bright green light unfold above us and from that moment the allure of the aurora overtook us. We knew we needed to see more of this magical Northern Light.

Our next trip took us 200 miles into the Arctic Circle to Tromsø, Norway to more skies radiating emerald and ruby above snow-clad mountains. Sometimes driving hundreds of kilometres in search of cloud-free skies. The long quests looking for the lights adds to the thrill for us. How much fun would it be if it was too easy to see the Northern Lights?!

Life doesn’t get much more special than the five-hour long 360 degree light show we witnessed in Norway at the end of October 2013. Seeing our family jump up and down with excitement as the sky came alive with light shooting in every direction was priceless. Maybe it is the sheer scale of a whole sky coming alive or the basic rawness of one of our planet’s most illuminating forces of nature that captivates us. The more humankind leaves its mark in the form of light pollution the less vivid and vibrant the lights appear. That makes them even more of a precious thing to see.

You would be forgiven for thinking it’s just the Northern Lights that appeals to us but having spent so many holidays in the Aurora Zone we have never had a problem keeping occupied whilst waiting for the elusive ‘Tricky Lady’. From magical traditional Norwegian Christmases in Lavvu tents to bathing in volcanic hot tubs, reindeer herding, eating hard-boiled eggs cooked on volcanic steam vents, natural hot mud lagoons, Icelandic horse riding and fishing for our dinner in a Norwegian fjord, we all enjoy the outdoor life. Combined with the simple delights of sledging/snow-play, snow topped hot chocolate, cooking sausages on a campfire, watching shooting stars or waiting for eclipses they all make for a winter paradise and we can’t imagine ever becoming bored of experiencing more of the same.

2013-2014 saw the biggest increase in solar activity in 11 years and wanting to make the most of this solar maximum we did lots of aurora hunting. With the help of CLONA, our seven metre, seven-berth coach-built motorhome which was winterised with a diesel heater and thermal insulation we spent 5 months under the Scandinavian skies, setting sail from the UK to Denmark and then travelling up through Finland, Sweden and Norway. We met some amazing people (you know who you are!) and saw some breath taking displays of the Northern Lights.

The temperatures dropped. I mean they really dropped (reaching as low as -30 degrees celsius). Life was a challenge for us and the children. Travelling to Arctic locations with young children in a motorhome is ‘one step beyond’ the norm, however CLONA was equipped with a toilet, shower, kitchen, full-sized beds, toys, four sledges and learning resources for the girls to be home-schooled. Time spent amongst Sami tribes and so so much more educated all of us for a lifetime. As well as being a perfect travelling, living, learning environment, CLONA acted as a workspace. With mobile wifi for monitoring aurora activity, solar winds and weather Chris continued working as a Web Developer and Becki taught music via Skype. We broadcast realtime Aurora chases for our 10,000+ Facebook followers and it allowed the children to keep in touch with life back home.

In May 2013, the midnight sun (24 hour daylight) approached and the nights became shorter. With a heavy heart but excitement at new adventures ahead we said goodbye to our beloved green skies and drove South through Norway, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy and France for a further two months. Read about our Big Trip here. Lover of green skies or hotter climes, we may just have a tale you’ll enjoy.

As we started to think about returning home we were all in agreement about one thing. We weren’t ready. Not yet. There is still a big piece of adventure with our names on it waiting to be had. Did I mention the brilliant people we met on our trip? It just so happened some of them had a house they were willing to loan us and better still it was right under the Auroral Oval in northern Norway. With their help the eldest two children were enrolled into a Norwegian school and we journeyed back into the AURORA ZONE.

So, at the end of summer 2014 we headed back to Norway and enjoyed an amazing 2014-2015 aurora season. For the Nation family life is still green. Very green and we just LOVE it!

So who is up for the chase? How many out there would like to join our family searching out the elusive Aurora Borealis? The night sky is pretty big. Infinitely so… and there is always room for just one more so hop aboard our blog train and join us in the thrill of the chase as we wait for the temperatures to drop, the snow to fall and life in the Arctic Circle to imprint more memories on us that we’ll hold inside our hearts forever.

AuroraTree climber & Risk taker
Meet our eleven year old daughter Aurora Jean, sensitive observer and nature lover.

She is also daring, brave, sometime reckless and always looking for her next injury adrenaline rush!

Aurora plays the violin and piano to a high level although prefers rock climbing and swimming.

OceannaAnalyst & Risk Assessor
Nine year old Oceanna is an extrovert and totally extreme in her zest for life.

Not quite as crazy as her older sister.

She prefers to watch the action and join in once she knows Aurora has survived!

A talented violin and piano player Oci is the loudest and without a doubt musical!

LyricaCute Smiler
Lyrica Star is our four year old feisty fact-box on everything, especially the Northern Lights and the sunspots that cause them. She has us in stiches most of the time with her cheeky wit and cute mannerisms.
Like father like son – sees something technical and just can’t help himself!