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Aurora Addicts are a small family-run Northern Lights package tour company based in one of the darkest and sparsely populated parts of Arctic Norway. Their base is in the heart of the Aurora Zone, directly underneath the auroral oval. As well as chasing the Northern Lights, guests experience daytime activities including whale watching, an eagle safari, visiting the local Sami Reindeer farm, husky sledding, photography trips, horse riding and fishing.

There is only one thing that Aurora Addicts like more than watching the Northern Lights… watching others experience the Northern Lights above the amazing Arctic landscape.

The Northern Lights Addiction

The family, originally from the south coast of England, saw and fell in love with the Aurora Borealis in Iceland for the first time in 2004 and for the next 10 years they took every opportunity to travel to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland to ‘Chase the Northern Lights’. During this time Becki began blogging under the name Aurora Addicts Anonymous and started to build up a small following of like-minded families and travellers seeking the same thrills and excitement. 

Northern Lights Family Adventures 

In 2013 Chris and Becki took the kids out of school (Becki is a teacher) and travelled in their RV motorhome to the Arctic Circle, spending the whole of the winter driving around the Northern most parts of Europe and of course Chasing the Lights! In 2014, after such an incredible experience the family decided to relocate to their most favourite place in Norway to spend “just one more season” living under the Northern Lights. The children enrolled in the local school and the family were welcomed into the community. The Facebook page was hitting the thousands of likes by now and the blog also started to get very busy, further enhanced by articles in The Guardian, many websites and a week spent filming for the BBC & PBS documentary ‘Forces of Nature’ with Brian Cox. As friends and family members travelled out to visit, more and more of them suggested that the Aurora Addicts could start a tour business… and so a tiny seed grew… and grew.

Featured on BBC & PBS Forces of Nature with Brian Cox
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