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We are a family of 6 who are hooked on the Aurora Borealis, nature’s most sensational light show. We spent 18 months travelling around Lapland in a motorhome until we came to decide on our favourite Northern Lights viewing region.

Now – deep inside the Aurora Zone – we run Northern Lights trips for single travellers and young families through to retired couples and photography groups.

Aurora Addicts Northern Lights trips and availability

We are a family of 6 Aurora Addicts who live for the Aurora Borealis, one of our planet’s most sensational forces of nature. We are Aurora (13), Oceanna (10), Lyrica (6), Caspian (4) and parents Chris and Becki. Over the last 10 years we have travelled to see the Northern Lights in Norway, Iceland, Finland and Sweden. The recent increase in solar activity (solar maximum)  forced us to take or holiday habits one step beyond! In December 2013 we travelled from our UK home to the Arctic Circle, where we spent 5 months exploring Lapland and chasing the Northern Lights with our 7m long motorhome CLONA. We then continued our journey south into the rest of Europe where we spent the rest of the Summer.

After such an amazing experience we decided to relocate to Norway to spend ‘just one more season’ living in what we chose to be the best place to see the Northern Lights. With our extended travel plans came lots of family and friends wanting to come and visit. If they could catch a glimpse of the elusive Tricky Lady then all the better. As friends came to stay and we took them out to our favourite Aurora spots, more and more people were suggesting we started running our own Northern Lights holiday tours as a business… and so a tiny seed grew.

And grew.

Featured on BBC & PBS Forces of Nature with Brian Cox
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