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Lyrica made an awesome sun-hat at school. They had been preparing pictures and things to decorate their rooms for a while.
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This is the only photo of it we have on the windowsill in the background. She was very proud of it.

There was a lot of excitement as the children were counting down the days until they could see the Sun from school. Today was the day. The sun returns in the Arctic around 20th January but obviously depending on whether you are underneath a huge mountain and which way you are facing those will be the determining factors as to when exactly you are able to stand in your home and bask in those glorious first rays.
Do you remember the ‘goodbye sun’ party the children had at school had when the Sun rose for the last time? Well this was the opposite of that – a kind of “Hello Sun!” party. Oci told me all the children were stretching their arms out when they watched the sun peer over the mountains across the fjord as if they were trying to hold the sun between their fingers. She was surprised at how it felt so warm after so many weeks of blue light and cold snow.
The school and our house, despite being a few miles apart, both faced the same way so our Sun experiences were almost synced.  There was going to be a lot of staring in awe out the window today at the school – they just beat us to it by a couple of days.

We couldn’t actually see the Sun but we could see it shining on the mountain tops!

That first show of the Sun is very short lived. You almost point it out and before you really have a chance to soak it up the twinkle is sucked up again below the horizon.
Having woken up to an early morning aurora it was too much to expect to be lucky tonight too! The Tricky Lady was spoiling us. Ørjan had come to stay and him and Chris got some amazing photos!
 2015-01-30-1065 2015-01-30-1071 2015-01-30-7058 2015-01-30-1063
… and the 31st Jan saw an even better display….
2015-01-31-1144 2015-01-31-1077 2015-01-31-1157 2015-01-31-1112 2015-01-31-1135 2015-01-31-1092
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