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Chris and Jill took a day trip to Lofoten. Having enjoyed the views over the majestic jagged mountains last night they wanted to see more during daylight hours. The sun was almost ready to peep over the mountains of where we lived and the days were getting noticeably longer each day now.

It really is quite incredible how quickly the light builds once the “Spring” switch is flicked in January. The blue light of the deep winter fades and is replaced by a warm pink/gold glow. I have tried many times to put this change into words but it doesn’t do it enough justice. 

2015-01-23-9665 2015-01-23-9693

We had a last minute booking for an aurora hunt and were joined by American guests Marvin and DaOnne. They had been Aurora chasing in Tromsø and were touring from the North heading southwards towards Lofoten so spent a couple of days with us on the way there. We didn’t see the biggest display but that’s the beauty of something as unplannable as Mother Nature

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24th January : Nyksund day trip

Our new guests also joined us for a day trip we had planned to the ghost town of Nyksund. This is a very special town – an almost forgotten jewel at the end of the road which snakes its way along the coast forever! Practically uninhabited through the winter this ex fishing village provides some amazing photographic/painting opportunities.

Marvin was a fantastic photographer and him and Chris were in their element. Jill carried her sketch book and furiously scribbled down various lines and captures of how the light hit the things she was seeing. It was very interesting as a painter myself seeing the things she captured first.

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  1. Jill Hockett June 20, 2016 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    Great to see these images again, Chris! They were unforgettable days of exploring the fantastic, fascinating snowy mountain landscape … followed of course, by some of the most stunning, captivating displays of the Aurora I could have wished to have seen. I have memories too, of my icy frozen fingers trying to maintain a grip on both sketchbook and pen whilst attempting to capture a slither of their beauty and gracefulness!
    I was so lucky. Lucky too, to have shared it with other (just as appreciative) like-minded, fellow travellers. We had the best of guides to introduce us all to Arctic Norway!

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