Northern Lights Holidays and Personalised Tours in Norway

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“A glowing two thumbs up, way up, for Aurora Addicts and the efforts of Chris to guide us through one of the most memorable vacations my wife and I have ever taken … We have no doubt that if we ever desire to experience the Northern Lights again, we will want Aurora Addicts to be our guides. Chris, thanks for a trip of a lifetime!”

AB5adventurer, U.S.A. - February 2017, Full review here

“Chris is a masterful guide – incredibly knowledgeable about the area and an expert tracker of the Northern Lights!”…”Highly recommend this once in a lifetime experience!”

Check off Northern Lights from bucket list! - March 2017, Read review in full here
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2802, 2015

Filming the Northern Lights for PBS BBC Forces of Nature with Brian Cox

This blog post was written in February 2015. BBC Forces of Nature with Brian Cox aired on BBC1 at 9pm, Monday 4th July 2016. We appeared in the final episode 'The Pale Blue Dot' of Forces of Nature on BBC1 at 9pm, Monday 25th July 2016. The programme was then broadcast in October 2016 on PBS in the United States, France Télévisions and then across the world. It is available to buy on DVD and BluRay on Amazon UK and elsewhere across the world.  [...]