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“Chris is a masterful guide – incredibly knowledgeable about the area and an expert tracker of the Northern Lights!”…”Highly recommend this once in a lifetime experience!” – AB5adventurer, U.S.A. – February 2017

“A glowing two thumbs up, way up, for Aurora Addicts and the efforts of Chris to guide us through one of the most memorable vacations my wife and I have ever taken … We have no doubt that if we ever desire to experience the Northern Lights again, we will want Aurora Addicts to be our guides. Chris, thanks for a trip of a lifetime!” – Check off Northern Lights from bucket list! – March 2017

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2111, 2017

First Batch of 2018/19 Season Trips Announced!

We are very excited to announce the first half of our 2018-2019 Northern Lights season trips which are now available to view online on our Availability page! Now is your chance to book your places early with just a 10% deposit and get those flights booked at the lowest possible price! Norwegian & SAS airlines currently only have flights available to book up until 27th October 2018 with flights through to 2019 to be released soon. More trips for [...]

609, 2017

A Decade-class Solar Flare and possible Northern Lights as far south as the UK!

The biggest solar flare in over a decade Our Sun has just produced the largest solar flare in the current solar cycle 24! It is the biggest and most powerful solar flare in 20 years… and some of the particles ejected by this flare are headed toward us! Those are the golden words every aurora chaser wants to hear!  "There's a whole bunch of plasma heading towards us!" In Arctic Norway where we run our tours, seeing the [...]